The Team


An excellent team made up by excellent lawyers​.


Nowadays, the provision of legal advice requires constant updating and a profound specialization. Therefore, the professionals working at ADMS are able to ensure quality experience collected throughout the years in the best law firms and companies established not only locally, but also with an international background and activity, guaranteeing therewith a great level of preparation in all its different areas of practice.


Only true passion involves a real commitment. For that reason, ADMS outstands that the lawyers and other professionals compounding its team, love what they do: their active participation and level of implication on the entrusted issues is highly measurable, which is patent in its methodology of work.

Ramón Álvarez de Mon

"In ADMS we strive to keep ourselves learning and earning professional training on a constant and continuous basis."

"Our objective is to offer an added value not only characterized by the excellence of the performed work, but also by the proximity and availability towards the client."

Carlos García Agustín

"In ADMS the client is the center of our interest."

"To be close to the client and simplify processes is part of our DNA. Offering suitable solutions to the scenarios presented is our goal."

Alberto J. Senante 

"ADMS is surrounded by a climate of integrity and responsible work, which is reflected in the harmony and coordination of the final professional development."

"Our experience allows us to offer an efficient process, during which every step is exposed to the client in a clear and easy way."

In ADMS we count on a competent supporting young team, compound by professionals bound by a factor common to all of them: talent, creativity and a high personal esteem while performing their work.

In this way, the promotion of an atmosphere of collaboration between the different members of the professional team results not only necessary but an essential part of the working methodology created in ADMS, creating a rigorous and exigent team work environment within every project.

Thanks to the active participation of the whole professional team, ADMS manages that all the effort, dedication and commitment is finally reflected in the work exposed to the client, guaranteeing therewith the seal of quality that defines the Firm.

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