About ADMS

Our stand-out factor: a proactive approach and a strong commitment in knowing and understanding the issues entrusted in order to adapt our counsel to the concrete needs of each client

ADMS has always opted to differentiate itself by using a concrete methodology, which allows the client to feel that we are part of the same team brought together for a common purpose.

  • The ADMS methodology

​Once a project is assumed by ADMS, the same is conducted through an exhaustive analysis by the team professionals, who will study each case point by point.

​During the necessary exchange of information process, the correct communication between the parties will be guaranteed, as well as the transparency and the protection of the provided data against third parties, exposing to the client the different actions taken within each phase and justifying each of them properly.

​In ADMS we consider it important to know about the client’s business or project in a detailed way, since only thus can we understand the conflicts that during said process may arise and prevent them, defending by doing so the client’s interests as our own.

​Consequently, availability and a deep climate of confidence and trust between the ADMS team and its clients are set as key pillars of the Firm.

Hence, the ADMS methodology is based on a personalized assistance, customized for each client according to their concrete business and interests. Therefore, the dynamic and close nature of the lawyers compounding our professional team, ensure a direct and effective communication, assuming the responsibility of resolving any doubt arising during the process, which makes it possible for the client to obtain an adapted counsel and to see how each of the established objectives are achieved.